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Making security understandable and obtainable.

Security should be for humans, not just the few who work in the industry. The speed in which technology advances makes staying in touch with security a monumental task. In our electronic world we are asked to fill out insurance forms, comply with various regulations, avoid scams, and protect sensitive data from unauthorized exposure.

Our mission is to guide those who cannot afford expensive solutions and consultants. Green Dot Security offers small to mid-sized businesses security services primarily related to third party auditing, regulatory compliance, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and security education. We will take the time need to explain the why of all recommended remediations as well as work with you to find attainable and manageable solutions.

Green Dot Security’s focus is around the human aspects of dealing security, therefore education is the foremost part of the services provided. Owners and executives should have someone working alongside them advising them on how to keep their company secure.

We provide the best security solutions


Vulnerability Scanning
Network Assessments
Penetration Testing

Document Creation

Security Framework Templates
Custom Security Frameworks
Supporting Documents

Security Awareness

30 Minute Single Topic
60 Minute General Topic
Custom Chosen Topics
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