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Vulnerability Scanning will include running tools from within your network, from a site external to your network or both. The report generated by the scan will come with consultation time which we advise your company on which items to focus on. If needed, we will help with finding resources who can help implement remediation steps.
Network Assessments include the vulnerability scanning while adding a full IT audit. The audit includes reviewing IT policies and documents looking for needed improvements as well as weaknesses. Also included would be the same level of consultation on the areas of consult, finding resources and advising on how to implement remediation steps.
Penetration Testing would be discussed on which areas of the network would need probing. Network penetration testing moves beyond the vulnerability scanning to find the real holes in your network security. Consulting on the findings, time advising on remediation items and reporting would be included as well as help with finding services and resources.

Document Creation

Security Framework Templates would be documents based on standards such as NIST, ISO or CIS which have been cleaned up and simplified language. The documents will still point to the original control so items can be mapped back to the source document.
Customized Security Frameworks will be based on standards such as NIST, ISO or CIS but will include additional items while also be centered around your business. Finalized documents can include all items which map back to the source standard or have these removed for clarity and simplification. Advise on how to raise your security maturity level will also be included.
Supporting Documents could include items such as: CIRP (Cyber Incident Response Plan), Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, Information Security Policy, Computer Usage Policy

Security Awareness

Security Awareness Training will draw on real life experiences as well as stories from the news. The primary idea of the training is not just specific actions and behaviors individuals can change and use but attempts to get to the better understanding of why security matters and the fundamentals how attacks are likely to present themselves. The training would in-person sessions for small groups, instead of prerecorded videos.


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